Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day two-1/28/2012

Was asked to take call for four hours this morning. $12 is $12. And it might end up being more. It could happen.

Went to Amy & Tony's last night-received our Christmas gift from Mare & Jim-a Shutterfly book of our Florida vacation last year! What a great gift! We had fun looking through it together.
We also were planning this year's family camping trip. I really don't know when we will get it done. We ended up with 5 dates that worked between Amy & I, then Mare requested later in the year, but now the last two dates have been crossed off because of Amy's co-workers. At least we have an idea of where we want to go. We found a campground just south of Oshkosh on-ON!- Lake Winnebago. Tony wants to be able to go fishing, so he loves it. I think we might want to switch to High Cliff State Park, but we have a history of problems with noise at state parks. Ahem.

Finally got the extra polish off from around my nails. Currently "Stroke of Midnight" by L'oreal. Like it. Not quite black. Not glittery-except that one piece that got on because of the topcoat.

About to ruin the manicure by making marmalade. It will be worth it!

What do you call "worth" ruining manicures?