Friday, March 30, 2012

Wish list!

Mrsrexy, over at Canadian Nail Fanatic is having a lovely giveaway sponsored by herself AND Cheeky! Those Cheeky plates are so much fun!

So, one of the gifts she has is three polishes, your choice (within reason.) Leave a wishlist.

Great! Lovely idea! Except I was dorky enough to post my entry without the list! Derp!

Since I really should have a list anyway, here it is-normal type polishes, not indies.

In no particular ranking, but by brand:
   Go On Green
   Ski Teal We Drop  Purchased at salon where we got our hair"did" for daughter's wedding
   Pepe's Purple Passion
   Merry Midnight

China Glaze-
   Cling-On (Magnetix line)
   Lush and Luxe Purchased on my first Ulta haul-4-26-2012
   Midtown Magic
   Fairy Dust Purchase for myself

   No More Film
   Starry Starry Night (sing along with me!)

   Fowl Play

Barry M- (I don't know if this brand belongs on this list, I've never seen it IRL)

So, there! A wish list! Now go to and enter for yourself, entries open until April 16th.

Thanks, Mrsrexy!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

See how well this blogging thing goes with me? Same thing happened with LiveJournal. I would get on a kick and journal a few times and then nothing.

I was getting a little crazy with polish accumulation, so I gave up buying for Lent. So far, so good. Hasn't been overly hard because my $$ have been lower and my bills have been higher-but I have my dress and shoes and clutch for my daughter's wedding! And I have been getting ideas for the polish I want to go with the outfit. Just have to lose a few lbs for the dress to fit perfectly. So of course, the weight goes down a half a pound one day, up a few ounces the next. Today is a down day, so that is good. What was the difference? I worked yesterday and was up and down all day.

Hopefully my politics addiction can be ratcheted down a little now that the legislature has shut down. Jerks. At least now the balance of power has changed, and the recalls are moving FORWARD!

This Monday I will be doing the leading at my Bible study-first time. Better pray on that! I told pastor that I would lead if I weren't on call, and look at that! Not on call. So it is time to be more active and not just sitting there praying for the group.

How do you nourish your soul?