Friday, March 30, 2012

Wish list!

Mrsrexy, over at Canadian Nail Fanatic is having a lovely giveaway sponsored by herself AND Cheeky! Those Cheeky plates are so much fun!

So, one of the gifts she has is three polishes, your choice (within reason.) Leave a wishlist.

Great! Lovely idea! Except I was dorky enough to post my entry without the list! Derp!

Since I really should have a list anyway, here it is-normal type polishes, not indies.

In no particular ranking, but by brand:
   Go On Green
   Ski Teal We Drop  Purchased at salon where we got our hair"did" for daughter's wedding
   Pepe's Purple Passion
   Merry Midnight

China Glaze-
   Cling-On (Magnetix line)
   Lush and Luxe Purchased on my first Ulta haul-4-26-2012
   Midtown Magic
   Fairy Dust Purchase for myself

   No More Film
   Starry Starry Night (sing along with me!)

   Fowl Play

Barry M- (I don't know if this brand belongs on this list, I've never seen it IRL)

So, there! A wish list! Now go to and enter for yourself, entries open until April 16th.

Thanks, Mrsrexy!

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