Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Tri-Polish Challenge...

I didn't plan on it, but I think I am going to sit out this month of the TPC.
I really was going to take part, but I just absolutely love my current mani, and there is another NP fan at work who hasn't yet seen it, so I am going to keep it on so I can show her!

Oh, you are wondering what it is?
Sure, glad to share!

This is a base color of Gelish Mini Up To The Blue (see, I WAS planning on doing the TPC!) stamped with Color Club Harp On It, using the four Fireworks images from Vivid Lacquer's latest release of plates, VL015. I love it! Imagine, this picture was taken at night with room lighting and the flash from my camera. I had to turn off my full spectrum light because it was too much for the camera to handle!
I just love the way this stamped! Exactly the reason I bought the Color Club in the first place! And Anni's plates are always grand!

Maybe I will take part, just a little behind. Depends upon if I can give this up!


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