Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tri-Polish Challenge-Pippa loves the Packers, and they love her back

Today is the last day with our lovely red, yellow and greens. Next month, Crumpet assigned us lilac, pink, and blue. Oh, my.

Pippa has been somewhat neglected this challenge. Probably because the other two are just so gorgeous, and yellow is hard to whip into shape. So I decided to try the reciprocal gradient again, this time with higher contrast colors.

I have to say, I like this much better than the other day's.

This second pic shows the two yellow application techniques I used. Pinky (on the left) got the yellow sponged on (tiny corner of a sponge torn off and held with a hemostat), but by my middle finger (on the right) I had decided to just use the brushes. First layer was sponged for both colors, so you do get SOME of that softer gradient.

Only problem, for me, is that I live in Green Bay Packer country, and I just can't see this color combination without thinking of them. And I usually don't start thinking of them until the pre-season is over.

So check out the rest of the Nail Tart's designs by following the links below.
See you next month.


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