Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tri-Polish Challenge-July #2

Happy Thursday!
The Crumpet set July's colors as Blue, Blue, and Green.
I selected Nicole by OPI's Blueberry Sweet on Me, Zoya Ivanka, and Maybelline Navy Narcissist.

Oh, the mani-manity!
This is such a fail nail, but I wanted a palate cleanser (Zoya Kimber is  doing that nicely) that I didn't re-do it.

It had such potential!
Just a nice funky french to start, but that was only one of the colors, and we are supposed to use at least two in each mani, so I added a line of Navy Narcissist, cleaned that up and then added dots of Blueberry....
Not great, but not really a fail nail.
Then I grabbed the Fairy Dust, because...Fairy Dust helps everything. Right?

Yeah, maybe not. At least not if you accidentally grab China Glaze Glistening Snow instead.
Glistening Snow is like Fairy Dust on steroids. And it completely obliterated any remaining beauty in this mani.

Better luck next time, Liza. Put on your thinking cap and hope you don't get called in this weekend so you can put some pretty on your nails.

Cleanse YOUR palate by looking at the other Tarts' manis.


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