Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tri-Polish Challenge-July #3

Hey! How's everyone doing? The nasty high temperatures broke so it is very comfortable here, yay!

Today, I experimented.

Everyone says that you can stamp over the textured polishes, but I didn't really believe it. Not that I didn't believe the people, I just thought they must be much better than I am.
The Nicole by OPI Blue-Berry Sweet On You is a textured polish-see, it says Gumdrops on the handle! So I layed it down for a first color. Then I went to my favorite stamping plates-the whole Vivid Lacquer line.

As I was asking my husband whether to do Houndstooth or Stars, I spotted a different design, and stopped short. Yep, Tetris was it. (VL 002 has both the stars and block-game, houndstooth is on VL005.)
As you can see, it truly does receive stamping excellently! After stamping with Wet & Wild Ebony Hates Chris,  I went in and used my other two Challenge colors, Navy Narcissist and Ivanka (as well as Zoya Trixie) to fill in some of the blocks.

After doing that, I decided that Blue-berry was too shiny, so I matted the manicure. As long as I was in an experimental mood, I decided to compare the two matte topcoats I have, NYC Matte Me Crazy and China Glaze Matte Magic.
Left-NYC  Right-China Glaze
This really confirmed my suspicions, China Glaze Matte Magic isn't what I would call Matte. It is barely flat. I am sure that I will find some application for it, but...serious mattifying isn't it.

So, thank you, Crumpet, for channeling our creativity by these rules-three colors assigned, and bonus black, white, silver, gold, and glitter toppers. So many different ideas have been floated...check out the links to see what we put out there today!


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