Monday, March 18, 2013

Premiere of the Tri-Polish Challenge

New Challenge time!
Over at The Crumpet they came up with these rules:

The Tri Polish Challenge is a way to have creative fun with the polishes you already own, with no set themes.  Here are the rules -

* each month Crumpet's Nail Tarts will set 3 colours for the challenge.  You then choose 1 polish to represent each of those 3 colours.  You must stick to those same 3 polishes throughout the entire challenge.

* example - if the colours are red, blue and green, you might pick Zoya Dakota, Models Own Beth's Blue and China Glaze Starboard.   You must stick to those polishes and cannot change which polish represents which colour.

* each Challenge Day, you must use at least 2 of these 3 polishes in your mani.  You must also use all 3 polishes at least once.

* you also have free use of white, black, silver, gold and glitter toppers

* there is no theme - what you do is up to you - let the colours inspire you!

* there are 4 posts in the challenge, on the Tuesday and Thursday of the 3rd and 4th week of the month

* full details and Inlinkz codes will be available in Crumpet's Nail Tarts so come and join us there :)

Special thanks to Ashley from Smashley Sparkles for having the original idea and creating the banner :)  xx

With such flexibility, how could I resist?

So, March's colors are Green, Purple, and Coral. I probably have more purple in my stash than any other color, and I have plenty of green, so no problem coming up with something there.

And then there is coral.
I had 8 polishes on my Orange Wheel.
Orange is just not my bag, baby. Oh, yes, my favorite pedi color is on there, #4 Sally Hansen Crushed, but I have always considered that a true bright orange. #1-3 are not accurately pictured here, they just didn't work for coral in my mind.
So I chose #6, Julep Hayden. I might have ventured into "peachy" territory, but that is the color I chose, and so I have to use it in all four manicures for this month.

Started off with two easy coats of Pure Ice Black Velour, a lovely matte. It says in the rules that you have free use of black.

Then I used Hayden and Julep Courtney to try a funky Animal Print.
(I would say this is the most color accurate pic of the bunch.)

And then apparently I thought it would work better with a matte topcoat.

There we go!
Premiere Tri-Polish Challenge!
Stay tuned for more (and of varying quality) manicures!
And don't forget to check out everyone's manis! That is my favorite part of participating in a challenge! Even this weekend, I found new posts in the FFF challenge! Bonus!

PS-Can anyone teach me how to do the upside down exclamation point? That always bothers me when I sign off. Thanks!


  1. Great mani! Coral was a difficult choice for me too!

  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one who struggled with coral!

  3. This was a tough one I only own one coral so hadnt a choice ;( this is going to be interesting!