Thursday, March 21, 2013

TriPolish Challenge-March 2012, #2

The colors that Ashley chose for us this month are purple, green and coral. We have to use at least two in each of the four manis for the challenge, and all three in at least one.

Today I used all of them! I laid down my purple and then tried my fan brush for the first time. I had intended to do this for Flip Flop February, but I found a different technique to use, so I had this one in my back pocket still.
 Inside, under my OttLite.
I first did Courtney almost all the way along the nail, then Hayden a little farther up, and then ended up with Courtney again toward the tips.
Inside, under my OttLite again.
Easy, but interesting, manicure.
Inside, in the sunshine.

Sometime, I want to use this technique to do a Northern Lights manicure, I can just picture it now!

Be sure to look at what everyone else has done today, and thank you, Debbie Crumpet, for starting this challenge! It is so much fun!


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