Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tri-Polish Challenge-March 2013 #4

Well, this is the last post of this month's challenge colors, purple, coral and green.

Oh, the plans I had! This was going to be gorgeous and space-y and interesting.
And then the fail happened.
I started off (after my base coat-always remember to use base coat, boys and girls!) putting down a layer of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls to enhance the neon appearance of my green and "coral".  I then put stripes of my feature colors horizontally on the nails. SVed that, then taped off a wedge in the middle, yes, it was de-stickified. Put a coat of black on the edges and pulled off the tape.
You can see the black pulled up here.

What a mess. The black bled. And worse, the tape pulled up the stripes! What should have been an easy peasy manicure turned into a superb failure. Oh, it may not look that way in ALL of the pictures, but it was.

But, I decided that honesty needed me to post it anyway.
"Learn from my fail" sort of thing.
So, know what you intend to do before you start-I think the mess started from too much MBSW.
And take your time. I rushed the whole thing, and for no reason.

So learn this and go look at the other challenge manicures, pretty much all of which will be better than mine.


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