Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tri-Polish Challenge-April 2013, Fourth Manicure

Arrgh! Competing Challenges!
It's getting late and I still have to get out and bike-I am also doing 30 Days Of Biking, and enjoying it tremendously, however, tonight it conflicts.

But nail polish!
Last mani using pink, orange, and turquoise.
Not my design, I am shamelessly copying from someone else. Unfortunately, I can't locate where I got the idea from. I have a feeling that it is another Tart, so if it is, please comment so I can credit you.

ETA: Found it! Copied from Polished Elegance! Thanks, Lisa-Mari!
This replicated the design pretty much although in different colors than the original.
Pointer-all Orange
Middleman-Vertical tape stripes and Charla gradiented over
Ring finger-angled designs in tape
Pinky-Horizontal taping

This next one shows the gradient better.
So that's it for April 2013! Another fun month. May is Blue, Gray, and Red. Yay, all colors that I have multiples of, time to get choosing!

Check out the final installment of  April's Nail Tart Challengers.


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