Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge-Two Colors

Jo at Just Add Polish's UPC, installment number two. So far, I am doing these in order, so today is Two Colors.
I chose two Julep polishes-Janel and Glenda.
Glenda is a crackle, which, I know, is SO last year. But conveniently, that is when I got this. She is my only crackle, and I kinda felt it was a hole in my collection, so I didn't cancel the Julep box when it came up. (Whoa, that sounds like I am serious about this.)
I am old enough to remember when crackle came out for wall paint and craft paint. So I remember some of the tips from then.
So I applied the crackle in different directions-outer fingers are angled outward, vertically on my ring finger and horizontally on middleman. You can also tell that middleman had a MUCH lighter coat on it, the cracks are near invisible. Thicker cracks come from thicker coats of polish.

Janel was pretty cool. Because I knew I was putting the crack on top, I planned on only one coat. But even if I hadn't, I think it could have been enough.

I finally figured out why Julep polishes sit in my Melmer-the long brushes collect too much polish and it drips. If only I could remember to clean that up, I am sure I would use them more, the formula is pretty much always good.

Pop over to Just Add Polish and follow the links that Jo put up to the others participating.
Watch us clear out those untried polishes before your very eyes!


eta: How about I copy the links for you here?
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  1. Gah, I was a bit frustrated when I DIDN'T cancel that box. I also have not used that polish. But I've never been a crackle fan! The only crackle I've ever liked was a lovely turquoise shade from China Glaze. Sad day, it broke. =(

  2. I am sadly also not a crackle fan, though I feel silver crackle is like a "classic" now. Makes me reminisce of the first Silver and Black Crackle that OPI released!