Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TriPolish Challenge-April 2013

Back for another month of the Tri-Polish Challenge. It is so fun! Thanks, Debbie Crumpet!

April's colors are Pink, Orange and Turquoise (not blue).  We get to choose whatever polish we want to represent those colors, and we use them in four manicures-we must use all three in at least one mani, and can use only two in the others. We also have free use of white, black, gold, silver, and glitter topcoats.

I learned my lesson last month and snapped a pic of my polish choices right away.  Pink is butterLondon Disco Biscuit, turquoise is Zoya Charla, and the orange is Salon Perfect's dupe for ChinaGlaze Riveting.

I finally did a cloud mani! Used all three, so THAT is out of the way!
As I did these manis I was amazed at how different the colors looked layer over each other. That orange looks much more brown layered over the turquoise.

Take a look at the other participants, they always look so good, and the variety of manis with such tight guidelines is amazing!



  1. such a great mani! i wish clouds were sprakly for real :0 :)