Thursday, June 6, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge-Glitter

Awww, it's the last installment of this challenge. This has been so much fun, and has gotten so many Untrieds into the Tried column.

I chose to use one of the new Hard Candy line, Sweet Tooth.
This is one coat over just my regular base of OPI Matte Nail Envy. It is a few colors of glitter, both matte and shiny, in a pale blue base.

The rest of my fingers, I put down two coats of OPI I Think In Pink before my one coat of Sweet Tooth. This really pulled out the pink glitter. I liked it better than the plain.
So, I put one coat of I Think In Pink over Sweet Tooth. The milky pink really worked well over this, like half a jelly sandwich.
You can tell the difference between the two layering methods in this picture.

The texture of the glitter didn't bother me, so I decided to forgo topcoat. 
Yeah, that was a mistake. I don't recall what I did, but three fingers on each hand got crunched up within an hour, and I didn't notice them, so they had dried enough that I couldn't flatten them, so off it came. Sad. (But I replaced it with Zoya Blaze, so not so sad after all!)

So, thank you Jo for inspiring us, leading us through this challenge. It has been fun to do and more importantly, fun to read what the others have been doing!
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  1. Wow Sweet Tooth is actually really pretty, I like the glitter together in this one for sure. Too bad about them getting messed up, but at least it's fun doing nails ;)

    Yay congrats at getting to the end!