Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tri-Polish Challenge-May #2

All right! I am ready for this challenge now! I had the day off today and got these prepared! Now I can relax and tell you about them.

For today's challenge, I decided to do a stamping manicure. But what stamp would work with blue, gray and red?

Apparently, sharks!

I really expected to never use this stamping image, but today, the sharks were stamped with Zoya Song, and I added drops of (Elisa) blood in the gray water.

I have never before embellished a stamped mani, and it turned out much better than I could have hoped.

Of course, sharks aren't the only things in the ocean.

There are also dolphins!

Let's see what the other Tarts came up with! So much creativity! Thanks for organizing this, Ms. Debbie Crumpet!


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  1. What a fun mani and its great when you get to use an image you thought you never would :D