Monday, May 6, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge-Newest

Skipping ahead to newest today because I just got these on Saturday and I love this! And I have to get this in before I receive my Julep Add On, because then THAT will be the newest.

How am I going to get ahead on my untrieds when I keep buying more? Only by counting it as a percentage rather than the raw number, that's how.

Anni at Vivid Lacquer had a sale and I took advantage of it, grabbing one grab bag, one discontinued/limited edition color, and one current offering.
(Night time pictures don't do these justice!)

Here we have the grab bag minis Waning Gibbous, Would You Kindly, You Are NOT My Nemesis, and Pick Your Portal. I also got Real, Audible Connection, but I RAKed that right away to a friend at work. The one on the end is the limited edition Black Widow-I hesitated on that one at Halloween because I hate hate HATE spiders, but when it was available marked down, I grabbed the last bottle. And last but not least, there is Theoretical Rainbow.

Theoretical Rainbow is part of VL's Theoretical line, with Rockstar, Blogger, Vegan, Girlfriend and Gamer. (I also have a failed Rockstar, renamed Rejected Rockstar, the glitter bled which is why it was rejected. She tests everything for at least a month for colorfastness. She also only uses stainless steel mixing balls.)

Three easy coats of polish and a coat of Seche Vite gives you this:
You have to look pretty hard to see it, but there is the whole rainbow in there, ROY G. BIV.  The yellow is a neon so with all the rest in there, it is hiding pretty hard. And either the violet or the indigo is sparkly, so you can only see it on occasion, like here:
See? There on my pinkie? Sparkle! You might also get some hints of the yellow, mainly on the ring finger, slightly to the left of midline between the two obvious pieces of blue and green. You don't see it? I told you it was subtle. Oh, you were distracted by my nasty cuticles. Well, excuuuuuuuse me! (As Steve Martin used to say).

Anyway...I am loving this mani. Looking at it this morning, after a day and a half, there is starting to be just a hint of tipwear at my weak point (pointer!), but it doesn't show much because of the light tint of the base color-yes, it is tinted but I can't decide if it is light blue, light lilac, light pink, or light grey. Subtlety, again.

Thanks for looking, thanks, Jo for running this challenge, and take a look at the other participants. (Am I being overly precious by never saying "ladies", in case a man is doing a challenge? Or am I just being inclusive?)

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  1. Is that under natural light? it looks like it would be so sparkly!

  2. I *think* it is. I must have deleted the originals, and the one that I didn't upload looks like different light, and it looks like it might have been in my kitchen. So these were probably on my deck, north facing, but around 9-10 a.m. Quite a few of the glitters are matte, so they aren't as shiny as you might be thinking.