Thursday, May 30, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge-Prettiest

Skipping around again, but that's OK, Jonochi said so! Thanks, Jo! That freedom makes this so much more enjoyable of a challenge.

This was a bit of a challenge, choosing which polish was to be classified as "Prettiest". I was thisclose to calling my "Most Expensive" polish my prettiest, but ...then I wouldn't have something for that category! I am glad that I decided to do this one, though. It truly is a very pretty polish.

Not that it shows in this picture! I wanted to have a pic that I would (for once) do some color adjusting on, because I knew this Periwinkle blue would not show up decently. And I was testing my idea for nail art, which, BTW, I passed on, and I came up with a much prettier alternative! With another untried! Win-win!
Anyway, this still looks more purple than I want it to, but it is a gorgeous periwinkle in person.

What polish, you ask? Salon Perfect Pure Azure. This is OPI Matte Nail Envy, two coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu!,  1 x Seche Vite, and then two coats of Pure Azure. There was also a stamping attempt in there, but I decided that it didn't work.

Then what? I decided to put a dot line with Zoya Song at the edge of the Periwinkle French and then a dot line of Julep Isla inside that.
Rough and ready.

That worked for the Frenched fingers (thumb and pinkie on left, other three on right). So what to do on the other nails?
More stamping, anyone? I used the Vivid Lacquer scribble heart image from VL001 and the whole nail full of scribble hearts from VL009. Stamping polishes were Song and Isla.

I think that Isla is a new favorite, surprisingly. She looks like such an old lady in the bottle, a pearly white, but she does such an excellent job as a subtle stamper, that I think she is another "Prettiest" untried polish!
Xs and Os from VL001
So happy with the way this turned out! Now I have a great mani to wear to my uncle's wedding on Saturday! And I can't stop turning my hands this way and that to see the sparkle in Song!

By the way, this was inspired by Pkbmum's post here. Inspired by, not "a copy of".

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PS-What do you use for your blog photos? Instagram is becoming more "social" and I don't like clogging that up with manicure pics.

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  1. Wow this is so cute, I love that blue. This is a great one for prettiest for sure!