Monday, May 27, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge-Cheapest

My cheapest untried? How about a Sally Girl, on clearance? Yep, that is what it is.
This was a color that I just couldn't justify paying even the cheap price of 99 cents. So when it went on clearance, I grabbed it at 59 cents!

This is Sally Girl 812161, three coats, which I put on over a coat of China Glaze White On White-needed some unders with the Blaze Orange!

I paired it with another polish from the Evil League of Evil Collex from Vivid Lacquer-Random Crazy Happenstance.
There were occasional bright orange pieces in RCH that made me think this might work, so pinkie has RCH by itself, and pointer has it over the Sally Girl.

This got the three coats because it dragged a little on the second coat, although I may have been in a rush to get this done.

Another couple of colors that I will have to pull out come fall.

I love how this picture looks like an old-fashioned hand tinted photograph. Positively unnaturally glowy.

59 cents! Pretty darn cheap! That's a whole lotta color for that little price!

Only two more prompts left! Jo, what should we do when this is done? Thanks for organizing this challenge.
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  1. I had that one once! Sallygirls are hit or miss for me, that was definitely a hit! I had another better orange though so I drained it to use for franken bottles. (I buy those to pour out and use for bottles all the time cuz they're so cheap lol)