Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flip Flop February-Day 14

Happy Valentine's Day!
Today's choices are Valentine's Day manicures and French Tips.
I chose Valentine's Day, because you can have French Tips any time of the year, but you can only go over the top Valentine's today!

When I think of Valentine's day, and what I would like for V-Day, I thought of a box of chocolates.
The fancy ones, velvet box and fanciness on the outside, and delicious mixed chocolates on the inside.
I painted the base coat of Pure Ice Black Velour, a soft matte polish.
Next, I showed my hubby a few stamping plates and had him choose what represented the box of chocolates best to him (see how I can be subtle, hinting like that?)
He though the lace was the best, so I stamped using Butter London Knees Up.
Yeah, kinda hard to see.
The lace design was a bit too delicate for this combination of polishes, so I went with another plate and stamped the roses.
 By the way, I have found matte polishes to be extraordinarily fragile.
Anyway, the rose is on the top here and the lace on the bottom.

I thought that perhaps it might be better with topcoat, so I gave that a try.

I also tried a latticework stamp and its reverse, with topcoat.

I really had fun with this manicure, and I brought in some "audience participation".
Hubby likes it when I ask his advice.
I have learned through our 29 years of marriage, 32 years together, that I have to flatter him once in a while by asking.

Hope you have a good Valentine's Day, whether you are with someone or not.
Remember, it's hard to love someone else until you love yourself!

And maybe you will find other manicures to love amongst the other participants in Jilltastic Nail Design's 28 day Challenge.


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