Monday, February 4, 2013

Flip Flop February-Day 4

Whee! We are already to Day Four of Jilltastic Nail Designs' 28 Day Challenge, Flip/Flop February.
Today's options are One Stroke and Ombre.
I haven't done a manicure in either of those, but years ago I had a mighty spectacular failure with One Stroke painting, so I chose to do an Ombre.

Before I "got into" nails, red was the most common color that I wore, although now that has changed.
Black, blue, teal, even green sometimes, but only rarely red.
That hasn't stopped me from buying them, though.
Doing this ombre mani gave me an opportunity to use two untrieds!
Top to bottom we have an unknown OPI (from when I got my nails done at a salon, I had them decant a mini for touch ups, circa 2008), Zoya Blaze (yay, holo!), China Glaze Ruby Pumps, and NYC Broadway Burgundy Frost (I see zero frost in this picture!)
I was pleased with how I was able to pull various eras of polishes together for this mani.
That OPI is among my older and I think I received Blaze in the mail that day!

I am sure that more talented people than I will have works of art on their nails for One Stroke Manis and look forward to seeing the combinations people come up with for Ombre Manis!
Be sure to check them out with the links below.


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