Friday, February 1, 2013

Flip/Flop February-Day 1

So it is finally here!
Flip Flop February!
Such a fun idea, to have two choices each day in this challenge!
Supposedly, there is an easy choice and a more difficult choice, but I sometimes couldn't tell which was which.
I guess I just have tried certain techniques and haven't tried others. you will see later on, I have tried some techniques and now know that I need to improve, to practice.

So, today's choice are either a gradient or a skittle.
Even though I am sure it is on the "easy" side of the equation, I had never actually done a skittle manicure.
I don't know if it is my need for symmetry, my age, my very low level OCD, but the idea of deliberately doing a different color on each nail didn't light my fire.

So of course, I did a Skittle for the first day of the challenge.
It isn't a challenge if you don't stretch yourself.
Also of course, I had to have SOME theme, so I chose to do a skittle with polishes from the same maker.
The underwear for the glitters are from different manufacturers.
But the stars of the show?
All from Vivid Lacquer! Top to bottom, we have Paint Me Patriotic (over Essie Blue Rhapsody), Notebook (over Maybelline Navy Narcissist), Marriage Equality (by itself), and Hurricane Season (over Zoya Charla).
I am so glad that I chose these, it was fun coming up with combinations, and I came up with a new fave-Hurricane Season over Charla!

I can't wait to see everyone else's Gradient and Skittles for today!



  1. these are so cute, I really like Notebook over Navy Narcissist :) x

  2. Thanks. The consensus is that Notebook is great over pretty much anything, much like her Woo! Tangent.