Saturday, February 2, 2013

Flip/Flop February-Day 2

So much fun seeing all the fun manicures already!

Today's choices are Stained Glass and Accent Nail.
I went with the easy choice again.
Yay for having choices!

So here we have my take on an accent nail.
Yes, I had my usual problem of knowing when to stop.
With a base of Zoya Shelby, I made an accent nail with half of the 2012 OPI Pink of Hearts set, You Glitter Be Good To Me.
Beautiful, trust me.
But there is always a need for MOAR SHINIES!
So I added China Glaze Luxe and Lush, my first flakeys, on the non-accented fingernails.
Not terrible, but I now think that it would have been nicer without, although I can see there is a tone in the colors of  Luxe and Lush and YGBGTM that is similar.

Sign of a true artist is knowing when to stop.
You can see that I have a way to go.
But it is fun!
And that is why we do manicures, right?

Wonder what all the other creative people are going to come up with for Stained Glass or Accent Nails.


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