Sunday, February 24, 2013

Flip Flop February-Day 25

The choices that Jill gave us today were extremely flexible.
We could use tape to create a manicure.
Or we could venture on to YouTube and find a tutorial to follow.
That's what I did.
Robin Moses does loads of YouTube tutorials and the one that I chose was Animal Print Nails (2 designs in 1).
You may remember that I am not an animal print person, so just considering this for my nails is a huge stretch for me!

I started out with a base of OPI's Designer De Better on all my nails.
Then I pick up a little bit of Maybelline's Onyx Rush on a brush and went to it.
I started on my ring finger so that if I hated it, I could stop there.
But it wasn't so bad, so I kept on.
I decided it still was OK, so I tried to do my off hand.
Not as good, but still not bad.

Then I waited a bit and added a coat of Seche Vite.
Designer De Better is so shiny, you can see a reflection of my red shopping basket in my index finger!
This was more fun that expected and stretched my boundaries.
Take a look at what the others have done today!


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