Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flip Flop February-Day 27

Almost through the 28 Day Challenge!
Today, Jilltastic Nail Designs set us the challenge to Recreate Someone Else's challenge manicure.
That led to much enjoyable net-surfing, but I finally decided to recreate Tezzie's Day 8, Color Blocking manicure.
I don't have any of the polishes she used, but I have similar ones, so I started with a base color of Wet & Wild's I Need A Refresh-mint.
Then I taped off one side, or rather, I put some striping tape down the middle of the nail (post Seche Vite and some drying time.)
Then on one side (whichever side looked the patchiest, because INAR is only ALMOST a one coater) I put down Zoya Trixie-I love Trixie!

And then, rip!, off came the tape before the polish dried too much.
Next, I put a strip of tape horizontally across my nail, and then realized that I needed that original line back in, so that one got put back on.
Then I filled one quadrant with Zoya Storm (yummy!) and another with Wet & Wild Saved By The Blue.
And then again, quickly ripped off the tapes.
Then I grabbed my severely underused black striper and went to town, making the color blocks more defined.
And then I used more Seche Vite.
That was my mistake.
I smeared the striping black on my middle finger, ugh.
Oh, well, good enough for real life.
Here is another picture of the finished product, more in the style that Tezzilicious showed hers.
This was a lot of fun to recreate!
I tell you, I could do another month's worth of manis with all the choices we all put up to copy!

Only one more day!


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  1. Heh, I also love Zoya Trixie. I think you did a fantastic job on these.