Thursday, February 7, 2013

Flip Flop February-Day 7

Happier today, nothing has changed with the car other than my attitude, but this is a perfect example of "Attitude Is Everything."

Today our options are Sugar Spun and Pattern.
I tried Sugar Spun three times and failed.
This was before I followed the link Jilltastic Nail Designs provided, so I didn't know that it was done with semi-dried polish.
I just tried dripping it over the edges of my nails, I used Sally Hanson InstaDris here.

And see?
Here I tried again, knowing that the deadline was coming up soon and I had time to play.
Time, I had.
Patience, I had not.
I never did get it goopy enough to drag thinly across the nail, and the white?
That's Nivea cream, I don't have any Vaseline or Chapstick in the house to protect the skin around what promised to be a messy mani.

So I gave up.
And I am very happy with what I ended up with!
I applied Essie Blue Rhapsody to all but the ring finger which got my new A. England Tristam-yay, it avoided the fires of the Royal Post!-and then stamped with the opposite color using Vivid Lacquer's VL006 plate.
I had originally gone to her plates for the stockinette stitch (double entendre "pattern"), but I really liked the chevrons today.
Here, have another.

You can tell that Anni is a knitter, she has a much better stamp than the other, holey knit stamps!
I love how large the images are, too!
 You can buy Vivid Lacquer polish and plates on Etsy.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for today's challenge.
Did anyone have enough patience to do the Sugar Spun?
I hope so, and I hope they give out tips!


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  1. I rather like your first sugar spun fail--looks like abstract art. :)