Saturday, February 9, 2013

Flip Flop February-Day 9

Today is Day 9, and our choices are Abstract and Plastic Wrap.
I chose to do the Plastic Wrap manicure because I had been wanting to try it, and my personality likes more concrete things, so abstract is not for me.
Of course, when the other Challengers post their manicures, I will have ideas to follow, but to come up the initial idea is beyond me.
That is why we read blogs, right?
For ideas.
And swatches.
But mainly ideas.
And cats.
But no cats here, sorry.
I put down a base coat of Cover Girl Outlast #115 Forever Frosted, then used plastic wrap to dab on three different colors-the blue is Revlon Coastal Surf, the pink in Sinful Colors Thimbleberry, and the yellow is Sally Hanson Quick Canary.
(I had previously tried the removal method-where you put a dot of the color on the nail and then use the plastic wrap to lift off some of the color-but that didn't work for me.)
I liked this method a lot. 
Probably 8 years ago, I wouldn't have, but that is because this is the same technique I used on my kitchen walls, and I really hated it by the time I was done with 1.5 walls, and I still had 2.5 to go.
Enough time has passed that I can look on it with pleasure again.
And it is super speedy! 
If you need a quick update to a worn manicure, I can highly recommend this technique.

If you have a little time, check out the other participants.
They are so creative!


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