Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flip Flop February-Day 6

In a pretty bad mood right now, I think I need to buy a car and that is NOT exciting.
That would pretty much eliminate any fun money, and a voluntary low/no buy is OK, but a needed one? No.

So what were our options today?
Fan Brush and Glitterbomb!
I don't own a Fan Brush (although I think I will buy one before the Day 25 challenge, I have found a cool You Tube Tutorial that requires one) so I obviously chose Glitterbomb!

This was so much fun, but I have to confess, it was made more fun by the fact that it was removed before it had time to set up.
Yep, just scraped it all off with an orange stick.
No way I wanted to deal with the acetone bath, my VD skipped a workout that day.

This is Butter London's Rosie Lee!
Super duper sparky!
I got Rosie Lee in a three pack that also included Fairy Cake and The Black Knight-which was my number one lemming!
I am very happy with the wear on the BLs (that I have worn longer than it took to take a picture), the only problems I have had are where I have a weakness in my nail-such as my right forefinger.
I have been using Nailtique Formula 2, and that has improved the nail but not eliminated the problem altogether.

Anyway! Sparkly Pink Goodness!
Wonder what the others have put on?



  1. as soon as I saw the photo I knew what this was! I love it!

    I didn't realise you could get it in a 3 pack - mine came with a lippy, and is my only BL to date! :)

    it looks lovely on you! x

  2. I think the three pack was through Good Morning America, although I think it might be available (at full price) on BL's website. How is the lippy? I don't do glosses much, my favorite thing to wear on my lips (besides a smile, gush!) is Clinique's Black Honey, and that is such a versatile sheer!

  3. You gotta try PVA Glue as your base for glitter removal - it has changed my life as far as glitters go. I used to avoid wearing mine like the plague!