Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flip Flop February-Day 26

This challenge is almost complete!
It has been so fun, and I will miss taking a look at everyone's manis every day.

Today we are offered an opportunity to do a Theme that we Missed or to use our favorite polish.
I did a Gradient, since I did a Skittle on Day 1.
This is a glitter gradient with Orly Rose Radiance (previously untried) and Butter London Rosie Lee.
It was really simple to do, just brushing on glitter over the base color starting from the cuticle edge and dragging outward, repeating, stopping a little earlier to get some build up.

I wonder what the others are revisiting, or what their favorite polishes are.
I know I have a hard time deciding nowadays-always used to be Zoya Isla, but now?
Too many choices.


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  1. Yeah, there was no way I could even pick a top 10, let alone my favourite polish!