Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flip Flop February-Day 17

I was SO looking forward to this day's challenge.
Immediately upon seeing the list, I knew what I wanted to do, but after a bit, I thought I should give the "real" technique a try.
I knew that I wanted to do the Newspaper manicure, so I started with a base of Don't Pretzel My Buttons.
This is the true color of the polish, but in person it looked spookily like manikin hands.
This low light picture show that aspect better-
To do this technique, you apparently soak a piece of a cheap newspaper with alcohol, then press it onto the nail.
I tried, really I did.
I brought home a page of the local rag from work, since I don't take a paper here, selected a likely section, lay it on my nail and then used at least two alcohol wipes to soak it and press down on it.
Totally didn't work.
The polish was dulled a little, at best.
You can ~almost~ see a smudge at the base of the top finger's nail.

So back to Plan A!
Plan A was to stamp using another image from Vivid Lacquer, VL004 this time.
I stamped using China Glaze Call of the Wild from 2012's Safari collection.
It really worked well!
It worked well, but ~I~ didn't, still working on my stamping skills.
Somehow, I wiggle the stamper and end up with curved straight lines.
I wonder if it is the stamper-I have a really soft double sided one, and have heard that the Konad are stiffer.

I topped the stamping with my NYC Matte Me Crazy, that really made it work, looked much more like a newspaper.

This manicure worked out exactly like I had imagined it right away, I love it!

Take a look at the other participants in Jilltastic's 28 Day Challenge-they always are so creative.
I always like seeing how many others did the same part of the challenge as I did and how many chose the other, which today was a delicate print.



  1. Very nice! (P.S. Did you know your robot detector is on?)

  2. I like this better than with newspaper! The font is prettier, and the letters are the right way round. I think that's maybe what puts me off the look...backwards lettering!

    Also, LOVE that stamping plate! I've just bookmarked them on etsy would you recommend them? They sound like they're a decent size, and the images on this plate especially are gorgeous!

  3. Cazzy, not only does she have this font, on a later plate she has it in a cursive font. I have all of her plates, she's been an online friend of mine(from Ravelry) since before she started her business.

    Cordia, no, I did not know my robot detector was on. What's a robot detector?

  4. That's a pretty cool stamp! That makes newspaper manis much less messy!