Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flip Flop February-Day 28

Aw, it's the last day of this challenge!
I'm going to miss it!
It has been loads of fun, trying new things, meeting new people.

So for our last day, Jilltastic Nail Design gave us another very open option-Recreate your Favorite Day.
So for me, that was Day 8-Color Blocking, when I tried the interlocking color blocks.
Some of the others also did that mani for that day, but took it a step further and added more dots behind the interlocking, so today, I took that cue from them.
I used a base color of Darling Diva Polish's Seriously Serious, from her Holiday 2012 release.
It is an incredibly shiny, glittery combination of a deep dark purple and bright sparking green, and I don't know if the red that pops through is from what I had on under or if it was from this polish, too.
I was so excited when I got it the other day that I just tossed it on over what I had on (another purple, surprise surprise, that one with multichrome, so the red might just be from the previous mani.)
When DDP had their quickie sale last week, I jumped right on that.
There had been a good few polishes on my wish list from them, so I sprang for this one, and then their offer was a random other polish from their current stock for free.
They were so good as to give me the one that I mentioned in my note to seller-at least that way I saved them the effort of looking up my history, because they went through each and every sale that day and looked up the sales history and made sure that the free bottle was not one the customer had already bought!
Isn't that amazing customer service?
Yes, yes it is!
And that isn't the end of it!
I placed my order at around 10:30 that morning.
It shipped by 12:45 that afternoon!
And because they are only one state over from me, it arrived in two days!
Holy fast shipping, Batman!
So, I have to say, Buy Darling Diva Polishes!
They are amazing!

Oh, yeah, this is about the challenge, isn't it.
So I used cellophane tape, de-stickified, to tape off half of my nail, then painted over that with China Glaze Starboard, then dotted away!
This was my favorite nail.
I topped it off with a coat of OPI Start-To-Finish.
Next time I do this, and there WILL be a next time, I need to use Gelous instead, because my nails are all bumpy from the dots.
(Oh, yeah, I forgot, I used a dot of CG VIII as unders for the Seriously Serious to better color match the rest of the nail, but only on the first row of dots. The rest were straight on to the green.)

Last day of this challenge.
We made it, woohoo!
Thank you, Jilltastic Nail Designs , for setting this up and running it!

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